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Helping Your Loved One Fight Depression

As the years go by, your elderly family member or friend may experience feelings of depression. Some signs your loved one may be depressed include loss of appetite, unwillingness to take care of themselves, feelings of worthlessness, despair, and sadness, and a lack of motivation. Cardinal Home Health Care will assist you with helping your … Continue reading

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It’s Time: Let’s Get Physical!

Working out, although vital in order to stay in tip-top shape, may seem daunting especially in your later years of life. Cardinal Home Health Care knows the fear you may harbor when it comes to going out and moving your body, but with our assistance, you can keep yourself healthy. If you haven’t started exercising … Continue reading

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A Guide to Preventative Health Care

Many of us only visit our doctors when we aren’t feeling well. If you’re guilty of this, then it also means you’re guilty of not doing every means possible to be healthy. People of all ages, but especially seniors, should pay a visit to their physician regularly. It may seem like nothing is wrong, but … Continue reading

How Seniors Benefit from Skilled Nursing Care

Life is full of obstacles that we try to manage as best we can. Some are easy enough to handle on our own, but others require us to seek a bit of help. The medical challenges brought about by aging, for instance, would make working with providers of home health care in Ontario, California a … Continue reading

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Treating Itchy Skin The Right Way at Home

Itchiness can be due to a number of things starting from allergies and sensitivity to inborn skin conditions. Whichever factor causes it, there will always be ways for you to combat itchy skin at home. Our skilled home health care in Ontario, California can help you and your loved ones with wound care and treatment to address wounds and skin … Continue reading

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Enjoy the Privacy of Doing Physical Therapy at Home

Now you or your loved one can continue or start doing physical therapy in the privacy of your own home. Doing physical therapy at your physician’s clinic or center may give you access to medical equipment needed to soothe your body pains or conditions. But consider doing it at home, you get to eliminate having … Continue reading

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