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Tips for Dealing with Elderly Relatives with Aphasia

Speech is a powerful tool for communication. From the moment of our birth to old age, we rely on speech to share ideas, express feelings, offer directions, and describe the state of things. However, as people age, they might lose the ability to communicate effectively. There are a variety of causes like hearing loss, stuttering, … Continue reading

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Keeping a Proper Diet with the Help of Skilled Nursing

Making sure that you are eating right is part of keeping yourself healthy. But as time goes by, this gets tiring and difficult, especially now that you are not getting any younger. When this happens, you tend to skimp on meal planning or skip it entirely. As a result, you will eat whatever it is … Continue reading

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Improving Quality of Life with Skilled Nursing at Home

You don’t typically expect skilled nursing services to be provided at home, but this day and age have made it possible for any care service to be delivered in the comfort of a person’s humble abode. All you have to do is work with agencies providing top-notch home health care like Cardinal Home Health Care. … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Preventative Home Health Care

This day and age offer us a wide range of care services to meet our different needs. We’re offered residential care, home care, home health care, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and much more. Today we find that many seniors are opting to receive care in their own homes, either through home health care or … Continue reading

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Why Patients Can Rely On Their Nurses

The goal of our home health care in Ontario, California is always QUALITY CARE. Our skilled nurses and home health aides are trained to ensure that this level of care is provided. Here are the different ways that our nurses can be of help to you and your ailing loved one at home: Respects Human … Continue reading

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How Skilled Nurses Prevent Infections at Home

We cannot stop infection, but we can prevent them. If we have children and the elderly at home, we need to be more proactive in preventing infections. Our home may be our place of refuge. Yet, infections can still thrive here especially if we have sick family members. For this reason, if we are caring … Continue reading

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