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Speech Therapy

Healthcare Services in Orange County

Smiling female nurse and senior men looking at each other while reading bookTelling your mother or your dad that you will miss them before they go to work can really make their day worthwhile. But if that ability is disabled from an accident or a disease, every single day would not be the same. Communication is society’s gift to mankind. Let that gift be preserved and let Cardinal Home Health Care provide you with the appropriate assistance.

Our Speech Therapists are trained to provide you or a loved one the best possible speech therapy. Cardinal Home Health Care believes that with the right professional service and with the aid of an encouraging member, anything is possible. Our Speech Therapists can readily provide:

  • Assistance in regaining speech abilities which may have been impaired following an illness or an accident
  • Instruction on communication and swallowing techniques
  • Intervention for hearing impairment and neurological disorders

For more details on how our Physical Therapy works, contact us right away at 833-395-8333.

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