Tips for Dealing with Elderly Relatives with Aphasia

Speech is a powerful tool for communication. From the moment of our birth to old age, we rely on speech to share ideas, express feelings, offer directions, and describe the state of things.

However, as people age, they might lose the ability to communicate effectively. There are a variety of causes like hearing loss, stuttering, and a variety of disorders like Dysarthria, Apraxia, or Aphasia.

One of the most common causes is Aphasia, the loss of the ability to use language. Patients dealing with Aphasia may have difficulty in recalling words or formulating sentences to express their thoughts.

As a provider of home health aide in California that offers Speech Therapy, we can give some tips for dealing with elderly relatives with Aphasia:

  • Make sure you have their attention. Distractions can amplify the difficulty in recalling words and forming sentences.
  • Speak in simple terms but remember that they are adults. Our Skilled Nursing staff behave professionally and will treat patients with respect.
  • Don’t rush them when they are trying to form their sentences or recalling the right words.
  • Confirm if they have understood you and that you have understood them. Questions that can be answered with “yes” or “no” can be useful.

We at Cardinal Home Health Care are equipped to deal with patients that have Aphasia properly. As a leading provider of home health care in Ontario, California, we can provide Speech Therapy services to your loved ones. Contact us for more information.

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Keeping a Proper Diet with the Help of Skilled Nursing

Making sure that you are eating right is part of keeping yourself healthy. But as time goes by, this gets tiring and difficult, especially now that you are not getting any younger. When this happens, you tend to skimp on meal planning or skip it entirely. As a result, you will eat whatever it is that is easier to prepare, even if it isn’t healthy.

Malnutrition is a condition that puts your health in grave danger. The body gets its daily nutritional requirement from the food you eat. If you are unable to meet that requirement, not only do you risk starvation but also develop conditions related to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

When you let your Skilled Nursing service provider help you plan and manage your meals, you transfer most of the responsibility to them. Your service provider should be able to assist in keeping with your physician-prescribed diet.

When choosing the best home health aide in California, you should consider providers’ abilities to provide you with the proper nutritional guidance. The provider you will choose should also be able to help manage your medication, making sure you take them on-time.

Cardinal Home Health Care, a provider of home health care in Ontario, California, can provide Nutritionists to develop meal plans for you based on your unique healthcare requirements.

Our nutritionists will consider your medical history and current medical condition to make sure that the meal plans we formulate are right for your needs. Contact us to know more about how we can help you with your nutrition.

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Improving Quality of Life with Skilled Nursing at Home

You don’t typically expect skilled nursing services to be provided at home, but this day and age have made it possible for any care service to be delivered in the comfort of a person’s humble abode. All you have to do is work with agencies providing top-notch home health care like Cardinal Home Health Care.

Having a nurse take care of you at home can mean so many great things for you, your family, and your health. These professionals are healthcare specialists and know how to handle complicated medical conditions and prevent them from getting worse. Think about it: you no longer have to be admitted to a nursing home or hospital to be on the receiving end of these services; you can get them while choosing to remain and stay healthy in your own home. You would be amazed at the benefits this can lead to.

  • Improved safety and comfort.
    Skilled nursing at home doesn’t just mean wound care and dressing, IV therapy, vital monitoring, and other services, it also means improved comfort, safety, and convenience. A nurse’s duty will also include making your bed, making sure you’re in a comfortable position, and offering words of encouragement.
  • A full range of services.
    As mentioned above, you’ll get to be on the receiving end of many different services like wound care, diabetes management, IV therapy, and so much more. Research suggests that recovering from complex medical procedures at home also reduces downtime and helps you get back on your feet a lot faster.
  • Patient education.
    One of the best things about skilled nursing is that it also focuses on helping patients take matters of their health into their own hands. This helps ensure the success of the care plan even when the patient is no longer working with the agency. Nurses don’t only provide long-term care education to patients, but also to their primary caregivers and family members.
  • Independence and dignity.
    One of the main goals of skilled nursing at home is to preserve the independence and dignity of an individual. There’s no question that health challenges are extremely hard to go through and can rip your confidence in so many ways. Nurses are here to prevent this from happening to your loved ones. These professionals will show the utmost respect, care, and support throughout the entire time they are in service, and even beyond that.
  • Improving the quality of life.
    Multiple evidence says that skilled nursing leads to an improvement in an individual’s quality of life. Patients will be able to remain at home with their loved ones and continue to live their lives while effectively handling the health challenges that come their way. This is something that will bring a smile to your senior loved one’s face.

Are you looking for a provider of home health care in Ontario, California? Don’t think twice about calling us today.

How does your skilled nursing experience improve quality of life? Please tell us in the comments section.

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The Benefits of Preventative Home Health Care

This day and age offer us a wide range of care services to meet our different needs. We’re offered residential care, home care, home health care, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and much more. Today we find that many seniors are opting to receive care in their own homes, either through home health care or home care. What’s the difference between these two? In a nutshell, home health care offers specialized care to address complex medical needs, while home care provides seniors assistance with the activities of daily living.

Home Health Care that Goes the Extra Mile

Even home health care agencies provide different services. A renowned provider of home health care in Ontario, California, Cardinal Home Health Care, for instance, delivers preventative care to lessen the risk of complicated health challenges and help patients live a more meaningful life at home.

Making a Difference with Preventative Home Health Care

Here are the four ways preventative home health care can change your life:

  1. Prevent complications from developing.
    The best thing about working with nurses at home is that every aspect of your health is addressed. These professionals help patients take healthcare matters into their own hands, ensuring they eat right, exercise, see their doctors, take their medicines, and do every means possible to stay healthy and help prevent any kind of sickness from occurring.
  2. Bring peace of mind.
    When you’re religiously following your health care plan and living a healthy life, you’re putting yourself in the furthest possible position from getting sick. This puts you and your family at ease, allowing you to live your lives without being held back by the possibility of health complications happening.
  3. Provide a healthy and well-balanced diet.
    Preventative home health care starts with the right diet. This service ensures that you’re following healthy and doctor-approved meals on a daily basis. It ensures that you’re taking in the right nutrition that builds your body, boosts your immune system, and sharpens your mind.
  4. Bring happiness and fulfillment.
    Needless to say, happiness comes when numbers 1 to 3 fall into place. This impeccable care service doesn’t just bring a smile to your face and light back into your eyes, it makes your family happy as well. Preventative home health care accompanied by skilled nursing is an exceptional combination that addresses all of your health care needs at home.

Not all agencies offer a comprehensive level of preventative home health care. If you’re searching for this service or perhaps, a home health aide in California, don’t hesitate to visit Cardinal Home Health Care today. It may sound a cliché, but prevention really is better than cure. If you or a loved one is already experiencing complex health challenges at home, you can keep your situation from getting worse by taking full advantage of home health that centers on preventative measures.

What are your thoughts on preventative home health care? Please feel free to write in the comments section.

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Why Patients Can Rely On Their Nurses

The goal of our home health care in Ontario, California is always QUALITY CARE. Our skilled nurses and home health aides are trained to ensure that this level of care is provided.

Here are the different ways that our nurses can be of help to you and your ailing loved one at home:

  • Respects Human Dignity
    As healthcare professionals, nurses understand the emotional challenges that patients and their families go through. Patients can get confused or anxious about their treatments. Our nurses see to it that a patient’s concerns are addressed with compassion. We also respect the patient’s cultural and ethnic background. This way, you can trust that your personal preferences are addressed so you can experience quality health care.
  • Patient Equality
    We know that patients should be given equal treatment. Regardless of your economic status, gender, or severity of illness, our nurses will take care of you. The excellence of our services remains to be the same no matter who we are assisting. This is also the same equal treatment extended from our team of home health aides in California.
  • Wellbeing Advocate
    Our skilled nurses are your loved one’s advocate. We are always driven by our goal to help and assist others. We know that patients go through physical suffering. We aim to address this suffering in a way that also reduces the emotional and psychological impact. Our nurses recognize that suffering can affect treatment. So we address pain and suffering in a way that promotes a patient’s comfort.
  • Assists in Decision-making
    Nurses are also at the forefront of helping patients make important decisions about their health care. They provide patients with relevant information about their treatments. This way, the patients and their families will know the extent of the treatment’s impact. You can trust that before our nurses administer any treatment, you will be the one who decides to proceed with it or not.
  • Prioritizes Patient Condition
    Along with informed decision-making, nurses also ensure that the patient’s choice of care or treatment is prioritized. This means that when a patient’s choice of treatment conflicts with their loved ones’ choice, it will be the patient’s decision that will be considered. However, it is also necessary that the patient is sound enough to make such decisions.
  • Healthcare Resource
    Patients and their families can also inquire from their nurses about other options for medications and treatment. If they are not comfortable with their medications for instance, nurses can provide them with a reliable option for another drug or procedure. This knowledge is essential for patients who need more advice with regards to their choice of treatment.

So if you’re looking for healthcare professionals to provide quality Skilled Nursing care, know that you can trust nurses. Our team at Cardinal Home Health Care is here to help so that you and your loved one can receive the best level of care at home.

If you have further inquiries, contact us!

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How Skilled Nurses Prevent Infections at Home

We cannot stop infection, but we can prevent them. If we have children and the elderly at home, we need to be more proactive in preventing infections. Our home may be our place of refuge. Yet, infections can still thrive here especially if we have sick family members.

For this reason, if we are caring for an ailing loved one or an aging family member with chronic disease, infection prevention is crucial. This is where Skilled Nursing professionals are necessary. Nurses take charge of preventing infections at home, especially in the following ways.

  • Ensures Hand-washing Practice
    Nurses know that the hands spread infectious viruses and bacteria easily. Because of this, they see to it that they wash hands properly before taking care and assisting your loved one at home. They will also advocate for the implementation of this practice. They ensure that alcohol-based sanitizers are easily accessible for when family members want to assist their loved ones.
  • Disinfects Equipment
    A patient’s reusable equipment can also be a carrier of infection. Nurses ensure that these sets of equipment are sterilized and disinfected. With the help of a home health aide in California, these steps to sterilization are implemented even when the patient’s location of care is in their home.
  • Secures Preventive Measures
    Healthcare professionals like nurses also take charge of securing the preventive measures in place. For instance, before assisting a patient on their bed, they put on masks and gloves to prevent the spread of infection. They also require family members and other aides to practice these preventive measures so that proper infection control is in place.
  • Educates Patient and Families
    Nurses provide quality health education to the patient and their families. They instruct the patients on the necessary steps for treatment and recovery. They also instruct the family members to ensure that their loved one at home receives quality health care. If patients have concerns about their health or medications, nurses can supply them with guidance.
  • Prioritizes Patient Personalized Needs
    Nurses are also trained to consider a patient’s needs and preferences first. This is the goal of our personalized care as we extend home health care in Ontario, California. Skilled nurses know that when they care and assist the patient, they have to prioritize the individual needs first even before the family’s choices. This way, nurses ensure that patients are in their best conditions all through the treatment.

In the present, quality care of exceptional nurses is now accessible at home. This is great news for patients and their families who want to receive treatments within their familiar environment. If you are looking for this kind of quality health care within your home setting, book an appointment with us at Cardinal Home Health Care.

We can also answer your inquiries. So if you have any, feel free to get in touch with us. Lastly, don’t forget to share this!

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