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How Skilled Nurses Prevent Infections at Home

How Skilled Nurses Prevent Infections at Home

We cannot stop infection, but we can prevent them. If we have children and the elderly at home, we need to be more proactive in preventing infections. Our home may be our place of refuge. Yet, infections can still thrive here especially if we have sick family members.

For this reason, if we are caring for an ailing loved one or an aging family member with chronic disease, infection prevention is crucial. This is where Skilled Nursing professionals are necessary. Nurses take charge of preventing infections at home, especially in the following ways.

  • Ensures Hand-washing Practice
    Nurses know that the hands spread infectious viruses and bacteria easily. Because of this, they see to it that they wash hands properly before taking care and assisting your loved one at home. They will also advocate for the implementation of this practice. They ensure that alcohol-based sanitizers are easily accessible for when family members want to assist their loved ones.
  • Disinfects Equipment
    A patient’s reusable equipment can also be a carrier of infection. Nurses ensure that these sets of equipment are sterilized and disinfected. With the help of a home health aide in California, these steps to sterilization are implemented even when the patient’s location of care is in their home.
  • Secures Preventive Measures
    Healthcare professionals like nurses also take charge of securing the preventive measures in place. For instance, before assisting a patient on their bed, they put on masks and gloves to prevent the spread of infection. They also require family members and other aides to practice these preventive measures so that proper infection control is in place.
  • Educates Patient and Families
    Nurses provide quality health education to the patient and their families. They instruct the patients on the necessary steps for treatment and recovery. They also instruct the family members to ensure that their loved one at home receives quality health care. If patients have concerns about their health or medications, nurses can supply them with guidance.
  • Prioritizes Patient Personalized Needs
    Nurses are also trained to consider a patient’s needs and preferences first. This is the goal of our personalized care as we extend home health care in Ontario, California. Skilled nurses know that when they care and assist the patient, they have to prioritize the individual needs first even before the family’s choices. This way, nurses ensure that patients are in their best conditions all through the treatment.

In the present, quality care of exceptional nurses is now accessible at home. This is great news for patients and their families who want to receive treatments within their familiar environment. If you are looking for this kind of quality health care within your home setting, book an appointment with us at Cardinal Home Health Care.

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