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Tips to Ensure Good Nutrition that Help Prevent Elderly Falls

Tips to Ensure Good Nutrition that Help Prevent Elderly Falls
Undertaking serious measures against elderly falls should be a priority for family members whose aging loved ones are staying with them. Is your senior parent living with you at home? Being surrounded with their family and loved ones is surely a foremost choice of our aging beloved. Hence, having them with you is surely a meaningful and fulfilling treat. For this reason, you have to take extra care on preventing any fall incident at home.

Thankfully, prevention is as easily attainable as ensuring your aging loved one’s good nutrition. Serve them with healthy meals at all times, especially the ones prepared by their dietitians, so that they can have the strength to move and stand each day. As a key provider of home health care in Ontario, California, let us impart with you some more tips on how you can ensure that your elderly loved one’s nutrition is well-monitored.

  • Let them eat on schedule and never skip on their meal times. Skipping meals can be tempting especially if they don’t feel hungry. But in the aging years, their health and strength can easily be affected when they have not eaten well. Try your best to encourage your elderly loved one to eat, if not three times a day, then smaller portions for six times a day.
  • Ensure that their meals are well-represented from the five food groups to make it balanced. The more colorful their servings each time, the healthier it is. When you can’t personally prepare these balanced meals for your granny and gramps, a home health aide in California can step in for you and take charge of this important task.
  • Serve fruits and vegetables — the fresher, the better. When you have a refrigerator at home, you can preserve the freshness of these healthy food items for about 3-5 days.
  • When your aging loved one is able to eat on their own but has difficulty cooking their meals, you can make advanced preparations for their meals. Pack these foods in smaller containers, which they can just get and reheat when it’s time to eat.
  • Ensure that your aging loved one is also drinking sufficient amount of water along with their meals. For better digestion, it’s ideal to drink water about half an hour before their meal time. When your senior loved one is also hydrated, they are more refreshed to handle their activities of the day.
  • Seek counsel from their primary physician. When your aging loved one is taking maintenance medications, they may be required to follow dietary restrictions. Their doctors are able to provide wise counsel as to what kind of food and diet they would need every day.

When you need expert assistance in maintaining your aging loved one’s nutritional needs at home, our team at Cardinal Home Health Care is ready to assist you. If you’re interested in this service or with our Skilled Nursing care, feel free to inquire from our accommodating team.

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