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Treating Itchy Skin The Right Way at Home

Treating Itchy Skin The Right Way at Home

Itchiness can be due to a number of things starting from allergies and sensitivity to inborn skin conditions. Whichever factor causes it, there will always be ways for you to combat itchy skin at home. Our skilled home health care in Ontario, California can help you and your loved ones with wound care and treatment to address wounds and skin conditions because once left untreated, open wounds can possibly get infected over time leading to hazardous health conditions. Some skin itchiness could be possible symptoms to more serious health concerns that need to be consulted with a physician.

Treating itchy skin at home can be properly performed by any of our Skilled Nursing Aides. Here are ways to keep the itchiness at bay:

  • Avoid scratching the area
    As tempting as it get, try to avoid harshly scratching the affected area. You can gently pat or pinch the area instead of scratching it with your fingernails. Patting or pinching the itch will distract your brain into thinking that the itch has been attended to.
  • Regular bathing
    Sometimes itching is only caused by dirt that has stayed on the skin for too long, much like how children easily develop rashes when they keep playing with dirt outside. Let your loved one bathe in lukewarm water, not hot, to help calm the itching as the lukewarm water also helps in washing the bacteria out.
  • Have clean sheets
    Soiled sheets and those that have been used for more than 2 weeks are already prone to unseen enemies like bed bugs and other microorganisms. Our home health aide in California can also help you secure clean sheets regularly so your loved one can have restful sleep in the night.
  • Use anti-itch treatments
    Whether topical or oral, use anti-itch medication, creams, ointments or lotions as directed by your physician. Steroidal-based topical treatments should be used with care to avoid any overuse side effects. Developing a good skincare regimen to avoid any itching can help prevent further itching as well.
  • Know your itch triggers
    If you know what causes your itching, avoid getting in contact with them or eating them. If your itchiness is due to allergies like eating seafood, minimize your portions or take antihistamines as soon as possible.

For chronic itchy skin that easily bruises, please consult your physician so you can be prescribed with the necessary treatment for your skin condition. It could be that your body is also trying to tell you something that needs to be treated.

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