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Why Patients Can Rely On Their Nurses

 Why Patients can Rely on their Nurses

The goal of our home health care in Ontario, California is always QUALITY CARE. Our skilled nurses and home health aides are trained to ensure that this level of care is provided.

Here are the different ways that our nurses can be of help to you and your ailing loved one at home:

  • Respects Human Dignity
    As healthcare professionals, nurses understand the emotional challenges that patients and their families go through. Patients can get confused or anxious about their treatments. Our nurses see to it that a patient’s concerns are addressed with compassion. We also respect the patient’s cultural and ethnic background. This way, you can trust that your personal preferences are addressed so you can experience quality health care.
  • Patient Equality
    We know that patients should be given equal treatment. Regardless of your economic status, gender, or severity of illness, our nurses will take care of you. The excellence of our services remains to be the same no matter who we are assisting. This is also the same equal treatment extended from our team of home health aides in California.
  • Wellbeing Advocate
    Our skilled nurses are your loved one’s advocate. We are always driven by our goal to help and assist others. We know that patients go through physical suffering. We aim to address this suffering in a way that also reduces the emotional and psychological impact. Our nurses recognize that suffering can affect treatment. So we address pain and suffering in a way that promotes a patient’s comfort.
  • Assists in Decision-making
    Nurses are also at the forefront of helping patients make important decisions about their health care. They provide patients with relevant information about their treatments. This way, the patients and their families will know the extent of the treatment’s impact. You can trust that before our nurses administer any treatment, you will be the one who decides to proceed with it or not.
  • Prioritizes Patient Condition
    Along with informed decision-making, nurses also ensure that the patient’s choice of care or treatment is prioritized. This means that when a patient’s choice of treatment conflicts with their loved ones’ choice, it will be the patient’s decision that will be considered. However, it is also necessary that the patient is sound enough to make such decisions.
  • Healthcare Resource
    Patients and their families can also inquire from their nurses about other options for medications and treatment. If they are not comfortable with their medications for instance, nurses can provide them with a reliable option for another drug or procedure. This knowledge is essential for patients who need more advice with regards to their choice of treatment.

So if you’re looking for healthcare professionals to provide quality Skilled Nursing care, know that you can trust nurses. Our team at Cardinal Home Health Care is here to help so that you and your loved one can receive the best level of care at home.

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