5 Pointers When Providing Ambulation Assistance To Your Loved Ones

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Have your loved ones recently undergone surgery as treatment for their medical conditions? Do they have current medical conditions that require them to be assisted during movement?

In these situations, their bodies are generally weak. They will need assistance and support when moving from one place to another. It will take good Skilled Nursing care and time for them to heal and reduce the level of assistance they may be needing.

If you will be providing ambulation assistance to your sick or recuperating family members, here are pointers you should remember.

  1. Talk to their doctor
    Depending on your loved ones’ medical conditions, there might be restrictions on ambulation. Such restrictions are usually placed due to effects related to the surgical procedure or medical treatment. Check with the doctor on what these restrictions may be and consider them when providing assistance.
  2. Observe proper hand hygiene
    You will mostly be using your hands in this situation. Washing your hands properly reduces the risk of unwanted infections in your family members, especially if their conditions are extremely fragile and sensitive. Wash your hands before, during, and after skin contact.
  3. Communicate with your loved ones at all times
    Inform your loved ones about what will happen. Doing so will help them prepare for what is to come. It will also enable them to ask questions about their ambulation. Allow them to do the things that they can do to help you with the ambulation process.

    At times, ambulation can result in vertigo. Remind them to tell you if they experience dizziness or vertigo so you can assist them in laying back down to their bed. Only when they are not experiencing these things can they ambulate safely.

  4. Ensure their privacy and dignity
    Even though they are unable to move freely by themselves and need your help doing so, they still deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. It will be best to talk about these matters prior to the ambulation process.
  5. Make sure you are physically fit and capable to provide assistance
    This is to ensure both your safety and that of your loved ones’. Before providing ambulatory assistance, evaluate the situation. If you cannot handle their weight, ask a home health aide in California to lend you a hand.

You or your loved ones can receive further assistance from a provider of home health care in Ontario, California. If you are looking for such a provider, give Cardinal Home Health Care a call and allow us to help you.

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