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Quick Facts About Elderly Falls PLUS Tips on Fall Prevention at Home

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Do you know that in the United States alone, approximately 3 million elderly individuals are brought to the emergency care units every year because of fall injuries? The CDC also maintains that seniors who already experienced a fall incident are more likely to experience another fall very soon. Falls are very risky for our aging loved ones because these not only cause injury or disability, these can also lead to permanent rest.

As your trusted providers of home health care in Ontario, California, we help you care for your aging loved ones at home so that any incident of falls (or its re-occurrence) can be duly prevented. Let us share with you the following facts on elderly falls happening in our country:

  • Among the injuries caused by one out of five falls in seniors are broken bones and injuries to the head.
  • Hip fractures from a fall bring approximately 300,000 seniors to hospital treatments every year.
  • Death rates because of falls have increased to 30% among American senior adults from 2007-2016.
  • Falls have cost to approximately $50 billion in 2015 alone just for medications.
  • Falls also cause traumatic brain injury among American seniors.

There are more facts about elderly falls available at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention online portal.

With this vital information, here are important care tips to prevent your senior loved one from getting into fall accidents at home or outdoors:

  • Ensure that your senior loved one is eating healthy meals every time especially the bone-building food elements. Whenever there’s a need to get assistance in preparing healthy meals at home, a home health aide in California can always be there to lend a hand.
  • Exercise every day even for a minimum of 30 minutes. The active lifestyle is already very beneficial in strengthening the bones and muscles of an aging person. Additionally, it can also help improve the balance so that falling can be prevented.
  • Consult with their primary physician for medications and mobility issues that they might encounter. Some medications can trigger side effects that result in falls, such as dizziness or weakness. Inquire with their physicians if these medications need replacement or adjustment.
  • Always keep your aging loved one company at home. Even if they’re able to walk on their own, having a company can ensure that they can be immediately assisted with when any difficulty arises.
  • Install secure bars and railings in slippery areas and in the places at home that your senior loved one frequently use. These devices can help them stand steady whenever they feel like swaying or falling when being mobile.

Our senior care services at Cardinal Home Health Care are always geared towards the safety and convenience of your loved one at home so they can continue to have a quality life in their aging years. If you’d like to know about our other services such as Skilled Nursing care, just contact us right away.

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